Meaning of the Name Ohnheiser

On the radio station Radio Eins here in Berlin and Brandenburg, there is a program "Numen nouns und Namen". In this Radioshow, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Udolph explains origin and meaning of family names.

After the birth of my daughter Luisa I have talked with our midwife about our family name Ohnheiser and that not at the crossroad I know what the Name means. She then told me about the show with Mr. Dr.Udolph and the same day I fill the contact form, this was in November 2010. Then I got a call from a Radioguy in late January that they would like to do a phone interview for the show at 31th January, after a short deliberation, I agreed.

The phone interview was broadcast immediately the next day, in this 3 minute conversation we've talked about the meaning of our family name Ohnheiser.
This is actually quite simple: "Ohn" means without "heiser" means houses and the name comes from bavaria . So my ancestors had no home and lived probably as a servant or for rent.